air bookings made simple

GDS, NDC, LCC in a single API & UI

What is Lleego?

Much more than an aggregator

Connect with all of your suppliers
All your suppliers connected

Get & manage GDS, NDC, LCC content using your own IATA.

Adopt new suppliers keeping your commercial agreements safe is easy.

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Full functionality
Keep safe your incentives

According to the status of your commercial agreements, our algorithm decides in real-time throughout which supplier has to book a flight.

Based on many parameters, our algorithm is always focusing to reach your goals.

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Biz Rules
360º hyper-synchronized tool

Any action over a booking is synchronized between our booking tool and API, you are always updated regardless of where you are retrieving the booking.

We are also synchronized with the suppliers, you can retrieve any booking to be managed through Lleego.

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One solution for all business
Suitable for any travel companies

A flexible solution with a powerful core easily tailored to any type of travel company as Leisure, TMC, TTOO, Consolidators, or OTA.

Take control of your different business areas through a single tool.

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360º Booking tool
Full functionality in a single tool

We have developed a full management tool, suitable for any type of travel agency where agents and managers can perform their daily activity inside.

Search, Book, Issue, Ancillaries, Seats, Changes, Refund… homogenized for all the suppliers in a single API & UI.

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Lleego all-in-one platform

Why Lleego?

Be multi-supplier

Improve your margin of benefits just by adding new suppliers through different available sales channels (GDS, NDC & LCC).

New heterogeneous and enriched content “easy-to-adopt” functionality is the key for empowering your sales & biz departments and be much more competitive.

Your business solutions

Over +12.000 travel agencies trust Lleego

Always available

High-Quality service

For thousands of travelers, travel agents, in-plants, Customer Support Centers, or Business Managers around the world Lleego has become their travel tool.

Based on a high-performance platform designed by Lleego, our resources are aimed to offer customers the best service & quality.

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